Presskontakterna Lotta de Champs AB uses the personal information and information you provide voluntarily upon registration or contact with us in our business. Personal data that can be processed is name, telephone number, e-mail address or address which individually or together may constitute personal data. We process your personal data only to send out collaboration requests, event invitations and information regarding our clients to you. To get information about what information is saved or if you want us to correct or delete information, send an email to info@presskontakterna.se.

Your consent according to this personal data policy applies until you revoke your consent. When the consent expires, the personal data is permanently anonymized, unless it follows from law, regulation or court or government decisions, legal claims or an ongoing legal process, then Presskontakterna Lotta de Champs AB may store information for longer than what is stated in this personal data policy.

Personal information may also be shared with other parties if required by law, regulation or court or governmental decisions, legal claims or an ongoing legal process. All processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and corresponding Swedish legislation, as well as the recommendations provided by the Integrity Authority.

You can read more about these rules on the Swedish Privacy Authority’s website. If you have complaints about our handling of personal data, you should contact the Privacy Authority, which is responsible supervisory authority for personal data processing. Other questions regarding the processing of personal data at Presskontakterna Lotta de Champs AB can be sent via e-mail to info@presskontakterna.se.